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Biz Analyst

Biz Analyst

Ever want to have your business report on your pocket while you're away from office?
Ever wanted to spend your time analyzing your business indicator instead of just playing games or update status?
Then you'll love BizAnalyst Dashboard. BizAnalyst solves your analytical needs and presents your business reports in easy graphical & tabular way. From Sales, purchase, expenses reports to managing your outstanding or understanding your business trends or getting detailed information by Voucher, Ledger, Item etc., we have it all. With BizAnalyst all your data is encrypted and saved in the cloud. So if your phone ever gets lost or stolen, all your information remains completely safe.

Website: BizAnalyst
Android: BizAnalyst App


Get bus, metro and local train timetable in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkatta Bengaluru, Hyderabad & many more cities.

Find the fastest route to your destination using combination of buses, trains, metro rail, monorail or just plain walking, we have it all covered.

Get the cost & duration of different journey options along with private transportation like rickshaw, cars and cabs to make a decision. What’s more? You don’t even need Internet to access your city timetable. It’s easy to use – It’s a city in the pocket and it’s Free! Have fun transiting.

Android: TransitPedia



Remindo lets you share Simple, Easy and Effective reminders with your friends and family, and helps them not forget important tasks and events by notifying at the right time.

Share Reminders about daily chores like groceries, paying bills, or picking up parcel, or about important appointments, meetups and events. Or just help loved ones form good habits like going to the gym or taking medicines on time.

Android: Remindo App


Fyipe lets you buy and sell any kind of information, leads, references, connections to anyone in the world, anytime.

If you're a professional who wants to meet more customers then Fyipe is the right platform for you. From connecting you to customers and helping you sell anything you like, Fyipe also handles the transaction process and deposit funds straight to your bank account in just couple of days. Fyipe also lets you hire anyone you like, anytime. Fyipe connects you to right professionals that help you get your job done easy and fast. Fyipe is one network where you can buy and sell anything you like.

Android: FYIPE - Platform for Vendors, Customers

Fyipe app


Tipluu is a perfect reminder app for personal and professional need. Some of the features include assigning task to yourself or your team members, setting reminders, snoozing your reminders and getting notifications once the task gets completed by your team members.

The app sends the user location based reminders as well. The app shows you the calendar view of all the tasks assigned to you or assigned by you. The user can also check all the tasks assigned to a team member. The app is a great tool to have for project and task management.

Android: Tipluu (coming soon)


B.LAB brings combined decades of clinical experience with the latest bio-technology to create complete solution that can help men and women end suffering from hair and skin problems.

App helps you with smart coaching of the activities to be performed on a daily basis and smart tracking to keep yourself updated with your health. B.LAB aims to help reduce hair loss by providing ways to live a healthier life.

Android: B.WELL - Advise by B.LAB

Me Next


MeNext is a new way to find the best beauty and spa deals for your next appointment. App helps you with finding the best beauty deals in the neighbourhood and book an appointment on the go.
User can change/cancel their appointment and narrow down deals to find exactly what they are looking for.